Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thank you for all of your prayers for Jonathan. The procedure went well. He had a little more pain than was expected but once they increased pain meds he was doing pretty good. I think he will have some pain for a few days but once he gets to use the tube he will be happy for it! He did get dehydrated- actually he went into it dehydrated but I didn't know it. After he had only gone to the bathroom once all day I was a little concerned. We finally got a doctor- thanks to our wonderful and persistent nurse- to order him fluids through his port overnight.

I could really feel your prayers and the presence of GOd last night. I became violently ill with a migraine around 11pm. By the time Shawn got to the hospital with medicine and they got everything squared away with Jon so I could leave I was throwing up, dizzy, and shaky. I was quite scared to drive. I could feel God's protection around me and the baby all the way home and had pain relief in my sleep without any more medication. So thank you friends for being faithful to pray.

I am on my way back to the hospital now. We will learn what to do with this tube and do his chemo. If his labs are good and eveything else is ok then we will be back home in a few hours.


Pam said...

Praying right now as well. Thanks so much for the update.

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

So glad to hear it is done. Will keep praying for pain relief - for you all!