Thursday, January 03, 2008

Greetings from Atlanta! Two days down, one more to go.... Jon has had his MRI yesterday morning and his testing today. We will get the MRI results tomorrow and the testing will be back in about 3 weeks.

Overall this has been a good trip...we spent the day at the North Point Mall yesterday. Brittney was ecstatic to be able to go to the new American Girl store. It was quite the place. Mya was not too happy about seeing her bitty baby on the shelf. She kept trying to get it off and into her arms. Everyone is now the proud owner of their very own webkinz...Brittney got one for her birthday and the boys really wanted one. Jon got one as a gift at the hospital yesterday so they just had to have one.

Mya has been so sick... thankfully the ibuprofen seems to be helping. I think she probably needs ear tubes... honestly, even though it is just a minor surgery I just don't want to deal with another thing. Today she spent the day with me at the psychology office...she was disgustingly funny... her nose is so stuffy and runny that when she sucks her thumb she sounds awful. She started sucking her thumb to purposely make the nasty sound and then laughed about it.

I could really use your prayers... I am struggling with so many emotions that I can't think straight. I feel as though I am sliding into the depths of despair.... I don't want to go into detail tonight...just don't have the emotional energy but please just pray...God knows what I need... he seems to be engaged in the battle for my heart!

I will post again tomorrow when we know the results of Jon's scan.


Tina said...

Sorry I haven't been around much Kelly. I will be praying. (((hugs)))

Reach out and take His hand..He is holding it out there for you.

missy said...

Coming out from lurkdom to let you know I am fact I've already prayed. Be encouraged. Peace and joy are on their way!

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

Praying for you tonight as I read your heart-ache. I can relate to your words of pain and hurt with you. Will keep praying...