Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I just have to take a moment to brag on the two hard working men in my life. My husband is an incredible man. He has overly impressed me this past few days. We have spent the entire past week getting our house ready for the appraisal process. Shawn was off Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday. This was a huge blessing because there was so much to be done! I love to watch my husband work. I love to work with him. Something about watching him work hard for our family...getting dirty and creating something just makes me feel so attracted to him. I long for him and am so thankful for him when he is doing things to update our home. I am especially happy when we can deal with the stressful situation like this and actually be peaceful with each other and our children. It was such a miracle to not have one cross word spoken to each other the entire time! I do think God is working on us!!!!
The other man I must brag on is my dad. I don't really tell him enough how much I appreciate him. My mom an dad both gave up the entire weekend and then some to come here and help us with whatever needed done. My dad came after working all day and spent 5 hours laying this beautiful new kitchen floor that Mya is sitting on in the picture! I was amazed and reminded again of the beauty of truth when my parents jumped right in to help meet the need.

So here is just a sampling of everything we accomplished this weekend- the entire hallway and stairwell have new paint, the trim in the whole upstairs is a bright clean white, there are 8 brand new 6 panel doors up that have brought my house into the modern era, the bathtub is sporting new grout, the kitchen cabinets have been scrubbed and all the handles replaced, and a new kitchen floor has been laid. The floor is so is actually some sort of vinyl that locks together like hard wood and actually looks like hardwood. The appraiser actually thought it was real wood!!! I feel spoiled and blessed. I am thankful I get to enjoy it just enough for it not to be destroyed by little hands, Jon's numerous craft projects and that inevitable irreversible stain!

The first appraisal was this morning. The second one is tomorrow along with the market analysis. Then we wait and pray. Please pray that God will provide exactly the right offer. He knows our need and the desire of our hearts. I know he is bigger than the economy and housing market.

In other news, Jon has chemo tomorrow. I am praying that they will not keep him for fluid. I have tried hard to keep him hydrated but he is feeling so bad that it has been difficult. It is such a difficult balance. I am hoping to get a definitive answer tomorrow about the gtube and an appt for it. We also have a little bit of a stomach bug going through right now- pray that Jon will not get it.

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Tina said...

Glad you were able to get so much done!Praying for tomorrow!