Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jonathan needs your prayers tomorrow morning! We got the approval from all the drs involved so tomorrow morning Jon will have a peg tube placed in his stomach. He is very excited...I am a little nervous. I hope we are making the right choice. I am so ready for some relief from the stress of pill taking that I am willing to try anything!

His surgery is scheduled for 10:30. It is a minor and quick procedure but they will keep him overnight for observation. Please pray for his body temp to be stable throughout the procedure and for there not to be any complications. If he is doing well afterwards then on Thursday morning they will give him his chemo before we leave for home.

I am so thankful for some friends of my children who's parents have allowed them to stay with them after school and spend the night. It is such a blessing to know my husband will be able to join us at the hospital in the evening and stay with us and not have to worry about the other kids!

Mya has her consultation at 3pm tomorrow so my grandma is going to sit with Jon while I run her over there. I am praying they can quickly schedule her ear tube surgery as well. The quicker the better for all of us!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and your friendship! (The pic is of Jon and his best friend Noah)


Tina said...

I am praying Kelly! Always...
Thank you for being such a kind friend. By the way, that dog in the picture below with Mya is adorable! Is it yours??

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

Kelly, I will be praying for you all tomorrow. I think this is a good thing, it is what you hoped for. It is normal to be worried now though. I pray this is the blessing that you have hoped for!!

Heidi said...

I will miss you!!!!!!
Your cuz'