Saturday, January 19, 2008

It's Been Way Too Quiet Around Here!!!!
Long time no blog, huh? Sorry friends! Just have a lot on my plate and not alot of time to think through a blog that would even make sense. So here is a run down of this past week:
* Mya begins running a fever Sunday afternoon. It continues through Thursday morning. At one point her fever was as high as 104.5. A little bit scary to me... although the most concerning part was that her feet, hands, and lips appeared a little discolored. We knew the fever was from two infected ears. But a quick listen to her breathing makes me wonder if we have another case of Reactive Airway aka Asthma in the family. We waited so long for antibiotics because we wanted her to get into the ear dr. but they were not able to work me in this week and our appt is Jan. 30. Hopefully we can get tubes put in and get her some relief before we move!
* Tuesday afternoon the paper arrives to begin the official moving process. Within hours appraisers, relo specialists, and realtors began calling. So began the incredible chaotic and slightly overwhelming task of packing, cleaning, repairing, and remodeling to prepare for the best possible appraisal and offer. A little hard to do when the sick baby won't let you put her down! Thankfully my mom and dad have come to the rescue. My mom came Thursday, Friday, and today to help us with whatever needs to be done. Shawn and my dad put on 8 new doors today!!! What a job but they look so beautiful. Its a shame I have to move in a few weeks when we finally get everything looking so great!
* Wednesday- we finally get to visit with my sister, her husband, and their two kids who are in town from Alaska. The picture above is of Mya and her cousin. We were attempting to take pics of the cousins but the lighting was not cooperating very well. We got a few good ones though. Shawn also had to go out of town for work... bad timing but providential for him.
* Jon had chemo thursday. He is slightly dehydrated and his white count was elevated... he has a bad sinus infection and cough and he is losing his voice. His ears are full of fluid. The poor kid doesn't feel good! Hopefully we can get the antibiotic down him and it will work. I am still waiting for the dr to set up the surgery for his tube. We agree that it is good but I know the oncologist is a little worried about it. I am praying for patience and the right timing.
We were supposed to have, in the middle of this craziness, Jason's birthday party. I feel so bad... his birthday was Dec. 28th and we still have not had his party!!! Well, I was worried that no one would come since it was such short notice and we were so busy with the house that I felt like we should cancel it and reschedule it. So I did- good thing too because last night Jason went to a friends house and threw up three times. Then Brittney woke up this morning after spending the night with her friend at this same house and threw up... YUCK!!!! So we may have the beginning of another lovely stomach bug.
So now I am off to sleep before its morning and we start all the excitement over again! I will be back again as soon as I get a chance!!!!


Tennessee Mama Duck said...

Oh girl! You never get a break do you? It just pours... Fortunately so does God's Grace, huh?

Praying for you and your little ones...So glad you've had help this week!!

Brandi said...

Hey I am Jennifer's friend from Alaska just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and your family during your hard times!! God Bless you and your family!!