Wednesday, January 23, 2008

One more thing to share- today while I was packing I came across a little thing I wrote when I was in Peru many many years ago. I have been looking forward and have actually felt a little panicked that it might be lost. I wanted to share it with you.

The night has ended and now dawn is arriving. I can see her on the horizon peeking through the black stillness with brilliant rays of light. The heart leaps with new found hope at the sight. A sight so reving for a well wearied soul to behold.

Eyes heavy with sorrow lift to gaze upon the sight, a stray tear falls and disappears in the sonlight. The days have been dark, silent, not an answer to shatter the stillness. My heart has clung to words heard before- this too will pass.

How the sky must be so dark for the picture to be so bright. The beauty must not be lost among light soft whisps of cloud-only the deep darkness portrays the color in bold display. So, an eye without a tear, never sees the rainbow. Gold without fire will never shine pure. Clay without heat will never be firm. A soul without wind will never learn to find refuge.

One who doesn't learn to walk in the dark trusting will never follow in the light. Here in the dark, I feel my masters hand. Its here that I feel his tight grip, his arms embracing me. Without rocks to stumble over, I'd never know what it was to have Him pick me up.

And this weary soul would never know rest, if it were always dawn. In the dark silence, I hear a voice, " Come..."


Pam said...


You sent this to me several years ago and I lost it in a move. I am so, so glad you found it, too. Now I can save it for myself.

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Praying for you daily though I've not commented in awhile.

Love to all of you. I especially enjoyed reading your last post about how you and Shawn have been getting so much done. The kitchen floor looks amazing!

Tina said...

Kelly, that was so beautiful.. I started to cry. Guess those pregnancy hormones are starting to kick in, plus things around here have not been going very well. My husband did not take the news well. :(