Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Mommy, pray that Jesus will come soon and take us to heaven. " Tonight when I was tucking my children into bed and praying for them, Jason asked me to pray this. I must say that this has been my diligent prayer these past few weeks. I don't know about you, friends, but I am weary and my heart longs to be in the presence of my Savior. I am so desperate to feel his arms around me. I am so anxious to be able to breathe again and know that we made it! I am definately looking forward to never shedding another tear, never feeling fear or anxiety again, never feeling the incredible ache of a broken heart. I can't wait until every child is in the safety of their Maker's presence- protected from illness, danger, death, and pain. I am so ready.

I am sorry I have kind of dropped off the face of the earth (or blog world!!!) lately. I have kind of settled into the "lurker" mode...reading everyones blogs and emails but not finding the motivation to respond. I am sorry...that makes me quiet the selfish blogger! Its just been a weird few weeks...I liken it to feeling like I am on vacation and I am keeping a low profile...we have not had any drs appts in weeks. Everyone has been well. I don't have a vehicle most days so we are just hanging out at home cleaning, creating, and playing. I am so needing to get in gear!

We finally think we have found a church that we may start attending more reguarly. This has been a struggle for us. We miss terribly the church family we were only just begining to get to know in Tennessee. Our hearts long for that connection as well as the teaching...Thank God for internet...I am so happy to still be fed by the pastors at Fellowship Bible Church! When we went to this new church, The Underground Church, we felt very welcomed. It was their dedication service for the new beginning the church was embarking on so we didn't get a really good idea of how they teach there. But we were pleased with what we did see. So far it is the closest to feeling like home. In the past it didn't really matter to me where the church was geographically located...but for some reason it is really on my heart to go to church in our community. This church is literally within walking distance. I really believe that God put us in this neighboorhood to be a light for him. I am so excited to share that my new neighbor who moved in after us told me today that she will go to church with us when she gets back from vacation! Oh please pray for her and her family. Pray for their salvation.

I want to share with you how incredible it has been to be here in Colorado and to know that we are where God wants us. This has been so amazing to me. There are so many little ways that I can see God healing our hearts and beginning to set us on the path he wants us to go. Shawn and I have felt so alone for so long. God alone really knows the extent of the pain in this area. In the past week alone we have had dinner with another family 4 days!!!! Can you believe it? I am just totally at a loss when it comes to what to do when people actually want to spend time with you. My children are benefitting greatly from having Shawn's parents around to spend so much time with. This family just enjoys spending time together. Its is taking time for me to get to used to that's for sure...On Thursday last week Shawn's mom came and got Jon for the afternoon. Then his sister took the boys to hockey practice with her so they could watch their cousin. So Shawn, the girls and I went shopping and out to dinner. Then on Friday Jason, Josh, and Britt all went to Shawn's parents house for the afternoon. We met up with them that evening at Shawn's sisters for dinner and then all of us went to the hockey game. Then Saturday we had dinner with my best friend Gretchen and her family. On Sunday we went to Shawn's boss' house for a BBQ with some of the people Shawn works with. That evening after the BBQ I got to go spend a quiet evening with Mya watching Gretchen's girls so they could have a date night. Then on Monday she came and kept my kids so Shawn and I could have a date night...we chose to have dinner with his parents! It was wonderful!!!! I think I can get used to this!!!!

This summer the kids and I are going to read Little House on the Prarie and along with Gretchen's girls rediscover the "old" way of life. We are very excited. Last week they all made homemade butter and then enjoyed it on biscuits with homemade apple butter! I am not sure yet what we are going to do next. Maybe some gardening and canning. I think I am finally going to overcome my pressure cooking fears and try to can that way. Stay tuned for pictures!!!!

I better go and get to bed... Gretchen and I are going to get an early start tomorrow on finishing the kids beds. I have been sanding them down and painting them. We are going to actually build onto Brittney's so it will look like a fancy girls bed instead of just a standard bunk bed! I am very happy to finally be getting their rooms unpacked and decorated!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Update on Jon:
Yesterday morning he woke up with a migraine. Throughout the day he didn't feel well but seemed to be ok. Maybe he just had a bad headache in the night. Who knows?
We are off to go grocery shopping and hopefully have warm weather so we can work in the yard.
Thanks for your prayers.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just a quick prayer request...tonight around midnight Jon woke up throwing up. This is the third time he has thrown up in the past week and half. It could be nothing. It could be that he has been awful at his gluten free diet- something I will fix starting tomorrow. Or it could be something. His face seemed puffy to me today and he seems to be a little off. When he talks or smiles it seems like he is only using one side of his mouth. Kind of strange. I am not sure that I am ready to call the dr. but I am feeling a little bit concerned. We will see what morning brings.
Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I think we are in trouble...

Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers??? Well Maybe Snow Covered Flowers!!!!

Some of My Favorite Things: Roasted Hot Dogs for Breakfast and a happy Jonathan.

The Weather Channel is Wrong!

The current weather update says it is cloudy outside but outside my window is a nice SNOW shower! We couldn't believe it when Josh informed us it was snowing. Yesterday it was 75 degrees and now snow! One of the joys of living in this wonderful state...