Saturday, January 27, 2007

Can I just say I hate sickness????? Our house has become an infirmary. And I must admit that this morning I do not feel like a very good nurse. I would rather just go back to bed. Between trying to find food that my children will actually eat and keeping up with all their medicines and the bad moods from feeling so cruddy I feel slightly overwhelmed.

As I write this this morning I am reminded that this too is temporary. We will make it through until tomorrow. I am reminded that heaven waits just around the corner. As Josh says, "It could be today, Mom, we never know, right?" Oh, how I pray it is today.

Today I will lift my eyes toward heaven, call upon my healer and helper, and cling to his arms as they wrap around me carrying me through what appears to be a rough day. He is able to do all that I can't... Today I will rest in that.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

With a new year has come new challenges and what I hope will be a new adventure. Jonathan was diagnosed with celiac disease just prior to Christmas. This diagnosis could be the answer we have searched for over the past 4 years. While it will be difficult at first, the required diet change for the entire family will reap benefits over time. We should all be much healthier!!!! I am hoping and praying that the wheat free/ gluten free diet will make a difference in our moods and some of the adhd behavior.

School started back for our kiddos yesterday. Jason has shocked us two mornings in a row. After a week of anxiety and refusing to go back to school when the day finally arrived he was awake at 5 am ready to go. Today he was rushing everyone out the door. Praise God!!!! I am so thrilled each morning that we don't have to drag him out the door and hand him over to the teacher with him screaming and clinging to us. He breaks my heart and makes me want to just hold onto him and never make him go.

I start school again next week... I am not sure that I am ready. I always get nervous that I won't be able to devote the time necessary to do well. But it always works out in the end. I just have a little more on my hands than I did the last semseter. I am only taking one class now so maybe it won't be too bad.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year to all of you who may be checking in as a result of the link on my Christmas letter. Thanks for checking in!!!

I have every intention of using this blog frequently to share thoughts, candid moments, events and feelings that make up every day in our home. Of course it would be nice if these moments would slow down long enough to write about them...=)

Please continue to check back... who knows you may be blessed by what you read or simply spurred on to live one more day looking forward to our heavenly home with Jesus. I know I am longing desperately to be with my Lord tonight- life as I know it leaves me ready for eternity with Christ.

Good night my friends. May you rest well tonight knowing you are being prayed for.