Friday, March 23, 2007

Today is the last day of Spring Break. My house looks like it has been spring break... the messes have piled up faster than we can clean them. My children have looked like spring break- each night they have required baths ( some multiple baths!!!) to wash off the dirt that has accumlated in various places of their bodies. My heart feels like it has been spring break- glad for the time but glad that its over! Now, don't get me wrong... I love my children and I love being with them but I love being ready for special time with them. And this time I wasn't.

If I could be what my mind and heart say I am for real...
My house would stay in a constant state of organized clean. This would enable me to do something other than I tell my children this all the time. If you would clean up your messes I wouldn't have to and then I would have time to play. Right now it feels as though I am always playing catch up. But for today I am thankful that I have five children to make messes. What if I didn't have them to clean up after? My life would be empty. I am thankful that I have had five days with my children as they sleep in, stay up late, and have no agenda but to play, make messes, eat, and of course fight- but that is another story.

I would offer my husband and children wonderful gourmet meals, that they would actually eat, each night as we all sit down to an intimate family dinner. Hearts would be shared over various gluten free delicacies. Dreams would be spoken of, grand plans made, and spiritual growth pursued as we actually all eat at one time, all the same thing. But for today I will be thankful that there is food to be eaten. I am thankful that there are gluten free alternatives that are edible! I am grateful that for this week I have been able to prepare food for my family and not be tempted to run to the grocery store or restaurant. I am thankful that we can no longer eat at most restaurants- the necessary change in our food consumption has benefited our health and our checkbook. I still have to work on the "intimate" eat together thing...but we are getting there.

More thankfulness tomorrow...for now the various duties of the day demand my attention.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday Afternoon Musings:

Its a beautiful day here in Tennessee. I love warm beautiful days- it means my children can go outside and run. Running= energy spent which results in peace for me! This year, more than most, I am really looking forward to Summer. Longing may be the right description... I feel like winter has lasted too long and I need the new life of Spring and the warmth of Summer.

Maybe it is because I am longing for Winter to be over in my life and for Spring to begin. This season of winter has lasted way too long. Maybe longer then ever before in my life. I have felt stripped and left exposed to the cold. My outsides feel cold- maybe even frozen. Inside I know there is life but I feel I may appear quite dead to those seeing the outside. I am tired of not doing and tired of doing.

Yes, it is time for Spring. It is time for new life. That is my prayer today. God please bring this season of winter to an end. Please Lord fill the lonely void with vibrant life. Flow through me with your healing touch and set me free. I need the joy of new beginnings- new friendships, new ministry, new love, new vision, new everything. Much more of winter and I may just shrivel up inside.

On the more tangible side of things: we are doing ok. Jonathan seems to have recovered fairly well from his recent scare. The Cortef has made a difference and he doesn't seem to be struggling as much with the temperature dropping and the illness. He is scheduled to have sinus surgery on April 17 to open up the sinus cavities and to remove a nasal polyp. I am praying this will help end some of the misery he feels right now with his nose.

We are slowly adjusting to our new way of eating. We actually made donuts yesterday that were quite edible!!!!! I am trying to embrace each challenge as it comes and see what can be made of it.

Mya got her first 2 teeth this week! She is quite cute. Her personality has changed drastically in the past week. She is wild!!!! And so much fun. I wouldn't be surprised if she is crawling in the next month or so.

Brittney and Jason are doing great as well. Jason is counting the days to Spring Break and Summer. If he never had to step foot in school again he would be delighted. Brittney has become quite the social butterfly!!! She is constantly going here or there. I think she is a teenager in an 8 year old's body!!!!

Well, I think my time is up for the day. House cleaning is calling my name!

Until later,
Looking Up!