Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Good Moms Do...

These pictures made me think of a conversation I had with Jason last night. We read a book together before bed. This is not his favorite thing to do. He was in a big hurry to get back to watching a movie. After we were done reading I said " Don't you think that is what good moms do? Make their kids read stories before they go to sleep? Isn't it good to practice reading? " Jason sat still and quiet for a moment and all of sudden replied, " Good moms let their sons tackle them!" and he jumped in my arms. And in that moment my heart warmed and said one small prayer- thank you God for strengthening me to be a good mom in this moment.

Maybe for the next few days I will celebrate the ways I know God is strengthening me to be a "good" mom in his definition of good. This may be a good way to keep the negative away!

Have a wonderful day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kelly- Your a fabulous mom and I am not just saying that! Where did you get that cup??? I miss you! Love you!