Thursday, November 29, 2007

Jon had his chemo this morning. His regular doctor was not there today. Overall, he is ok. But there is something weird happening with his hands. We are not sure what is going on or what is happening. Both of his pinkie fingers stay in a crooked almost drawn up position. They can be physically straightened but when he opens his hands and stretches them out his pinkies don't follow. The dr. today seemed concerned that there maybe something going on in his brain... so we are going to wait one more week and if it is still going on I am going to call the oncologist in Atlanta and see what she says. He is supposed to have another scan on Jan 2.

In the meantime a nasty stomach bug has made its way through our house. I started it with a vicious headache and throwing up on Tuesday. Josh soon followed. Mya was struck by it in the middle of Target tonight... if you end up there stay clear of the dressing room and the boys clothing section!!! Britt went to bed with a bucket. Its quite lovely around here. I think we are going to all stay home tomorrow and in our jammies all day... maybe a quarantine for the weekend will be enough to get everyone well.

Thank you for your prayers for us. I have a feeling this may be a long night and I may have plenty of time to consider those posts of deeper meaning that I have been wanting to write.

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