Thursday, November 15, 2007

Please pray for Lukas and his family today. This is my sweet nephew. He has been through so much physically in his few short months. Just this past week the doctors have begun to investigate whether he has some sort of blood disease. He has the symptoms of a very rare form of leukemia but it almost never occurs in children so they are trying to to look for other possible causes.
My sister and her husband are seeking the Lord for wisdom to know whether to push for more aggressive investigation, seek second opinions, or just wait out these next couple of weeks. It is a frustrating and emotionally tormenting situation to be in.
Also, pray for Jon today as well. He goes in for his chemo this morning. Already he is not starting the day off very well. He is nauseated so he is having trouble with his meds. He couldn't take them last night. I am sure his sodium levels will be high today. We don't have milk (since I haven't made it to the store yet) so he is not drinking. And he has been awake since before 5 and is quite on edge. Pray for God to give me patience... I am not in the mood to deal with his melt downs today!

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praying Kelly!!