Friday, November 30, 2007

This has been a rather difficult day. Well, maybe difficult is not the right word. Its just one of those days where everything feels so off and you are just holding your breath waiting for it to be over. Brittney gave me some wonderful advice this afternoon... she said it would all be better in our home if we would read the bible every night. Isn't that priceless? It just crushed my prideful heart and left a gaping wound... if she only could understand how much I long for things to be as they were intended in our home.

I guess I could sum up the day as a day needing much prayers... We have been battling a stomach bug in our house this entire week. The kids stayed home today from school. I just needed them to have time to get well. I went to therapy and got fussed at for not coming for 10 days... I wanted to tell them to spend just five minutes in my shoes and they would see how much of a miracle it is that I have made it as many visits as I have. Now what I really need is therapy for my heart!!! (Just kidding...sort of.) The last 10 days have been so insane.

When we I got home we worked on cleaning up the house so we could put the tree up and then went out for lunch. I was impressed that lunch went as well as it did....two of the boys also got haircuts. Jason's hair has been so wildly out of control that he has been calling himself a mad scientist. The other day he did his hair with this huge curly wave in the front and said he was a Frenchman!

Unfortunately, the day went down hill from there... I am just a scrooge... I really need a heart adjustment. I don't know what is wrong but I just really am having a hard time with the noise level and the demands and just everything. I honestly just want to lay down and sleep for a very long time. It kills me to think of how many bad memories my attitude is creating... I want desperately to have fun with my family but everything feels like work. Thank God after a little break we were able to come together and get the tree up and the night calmed down.

The most concerning part about the day is that Jonathan is sick. He is really having a hard time today. He has been unable to take any of his medicine today. He is very nauseated. His stomach is upset. I am worried because his sodium levels were already high and he is at high risk for dehydration. Please pray for this bug to pass quickly from him. I am positing a picture of his hand. You can see how his finger is curled up. ONe of the other brain tumor parents mentioned that her son lost full function of his hands and they used an amino acid called Glutamate to bring back the function. I have been trying to find this medicine for the past year without any success here locally. But I am going to hunt some down and see if it will bring some improvement.

I guess now that the house is quiet and everyone is asleep I better join them. Have a great night!


Gretchen said...

Ack, I just typed out a huge comment and it got deleted! :P

I am sorry that the day didn't get any better! I love you, and I was praying for you all day. Tell Jon hello for all of us and that I love him. It was so nice to talk to him yesterday :)

You know, its really hard to pray for God's will when my own desires are so strong towards one particular outcome! But I am praying that God brings you peace and leads you where he wants you to be. And I can only hope that by doing so, the outcome I want comes true too!

Love you guys, and I will be praying again today! Call my cell phone if you want to chat, we are heading to the big city for a little while today, but we will be home in the evening.

Tina said...

Big HUGS and prayers Kelly... May God's perfect peace overwhelm you..
Love you,