Monday, November 26, 2007

I have been quite neglectful of this blog lately... I guess too much to write about but I just can't find the words. Honestly, its more like having the energy and time to think through what I want to write. Its been an amazing few weeks or so of seeing God's hand in circumstances. Its been good and it has been incredibly difficult.

Just a quick update on the kiddos... Josh was supposed to go to Atlanta today for an "urgent" appt...but Shawn went to Ohio, it was raining sheets of rain, and the van is having issues. So I canceled it. Ever since I made his appt because of increasing severe migraines almost daily he has not had one headache. What is up with that? So we are going to be in Atlanta the first part of January for a few days and we will see whats up then.

Jon is doing ok... he is having some problems with food tasting nasty...thus he really eats very little. Thank God for chocolate milk. That is probably the only thing that has kept him from losing weight. He is quite thrilled that he has lost enough hair that his hair will now spike!!!!

Everyone else is just plugging along... we are waiting for word about whether we will be a part of the team that is opening the brand new Carmax in Colorado Springs. If so then we will be heading back west in a few short months. A few months ago we would have been wholeheartedly ready to we are starting to reconnect with people again, get involved in a church where we really could be a part of it, and seeing God move in out hearts and lives and now we are slightly torn. BUt as it is in so many other ways we are sure that God is preparing us for what lies ahead... and this time of growth will be so important for the next stage.

I will update more soon...just as soon as I can formulate the thoughts into words.


Tina said...

oh Kelly, bless Jon's heart. I am praying.

Heidi said...

Move!!! Kelly, my dear cousin, you are already too far from me! Partly kidding here but partly serious. Anyways, may God's will be done. I pray for you often.

Gretchen said...

Praying for you all today, and missing you!! You know my feelings about the move :)