Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Brittney had quite the scare last night. The kids were outside climbing in trees while Jon was having his school with his teacher. Josh came running in the house upset and grabbed my phone to call Shawn. He was determined Daddy had to come home and deal with Jason- his words to Shawn sounded like...Jason...Can't breath... down... It touched my heart to see Josh feel so protective of his sister all though his facts were slightly off. Poor Jason was on the verge of being attacked by his brother for something he didn't do.

What happened? Britt fell out of tree. She was reaching for Jason's socks and fell face first out of the tree on to the ground. It knocked the wind out of her (thus the not breathing part) and she caught her lip on a branch so she had a little blood. She tried to brace herself with her arms so they got quite the jolt. But no broken bones. She was rescued by "angels" disguised as leaves.

It is never boring at our house. One drama or adventure after another. One heart ache after another. One tear, one smile. One fight, one giggle. But always busy and loud, and chaotic. I think I love it. At least today I do.

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