Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I just have to share.... Tonight I made a special holiday/winter dinner for my children. They didn't all eat it or enjoy it but I know they will remember this meal for a long time. It was fun to make for them...


Meatball Snowmen complete with mashed potato snow

Marshmellow snowballs

French fries for arms and for Jon to dip in honey mustard. Also, Jason ate his "snowballs" attached to french fries dipped in his peaches! Yumm...

Hot Chocolate with peppermint mocha coffee cream and two candy canes to stir with.

I must tell you that these past two nights have been the least stressful and most enjoyable with my kids. It takes a little bit longer to get them through the night time routine but at least this way their needs are met and they are going to bed with a full tummy and a full heart. It has made me feel so much better... knowing that I am spending time with them reading the bible, praying, laughing, playing, and reading books together individually and together before bed. It is funny but it almost takes less energy to do it right than it does to do it wrong!!! Thank you for your prayers and kind encouragement my friends these past few days. I am very blessed.

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Tina said...

what a cute idea! God has been showing me a lot lately too along these same lines with homeschooling. I think I have been going about it all wrong.