Friday, August 14, 2009

Lunch for the second day of school! Not the prettiest presentation or photo but fun anyway, right? In the right hand corner are three mini turkey tortilla roll ups. In the muffin cup is half of an oatmeal cream pie. Next to that are three strawberry mice eating a cheese wedge. String cheese separates the fruit from the main "entree", which is uncooked ramen noodles for a spider web accompanied by three spiders. The spiders are made from rice balls (they taste like broccoli cheese casserole since they are made with broccoli puree and sweet potato puree. So if they eat them they will get veggies too!) and have chow mein noodles for legs. I included a small container of ranch dressing to dip the spiders and roll ups in. I hope that they will eat it and have as much fun devouring it as I did making it.

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Emily said...

What a cute mom you are, I should be more creative like you, instead of always giving my kids PB&J.