Monday, August 10, 2009

Jason had his appointment with the endocrinologist today. He was so worried about having to have blood work done but he did such a great job. I love this doctor...he has such compassion, he listens, he takes notes, and he remembers. He sees Jonathan as well and genuinely cares about him and our family.

So here is where we stand today: the bone age shows a delay of about a year and half which is good for him. It puts time on your side to be able to catch up. There is the possibility that he simply is going to be a late bloomer. But the doctor said the findings show reason to pursue testing to figure out what is going on. Jason has stayed at the 10th percentile for a long while in height. But the chart shows that he has dropped down into the 3rd percentile. The doctor said that normally in just late bloomers they stay on the same percentile. And when you drop below more than one line you start to wonder what is making the growth abnormal.

They did many different blood tests including thyroid function to rule out any possible causes. If these all come back ok than we will do a 4 hour growth hormone test. There are so many things that affect growth so we just start here and keep going until we figure out the cause. It takes about 10 days to get the test results back so we will know more then.

Been here...Done this...and so thankful to know that the cause is not a tumor in his brain. The rest we can deal with.

Thanks again for all your prayers.

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