Sunday, August 30, 2009

I guess I should update this and not leave everyone hanging. We came home Friday night. We were feeling like there was no point in staying in the hospital if there was nothing they could or would do to diagnose the problem. Jon is still not well. Yesterday, he slept for the entire day. He was awake for only 4 hours. This morning we went to church and he slept during the whole service. His body keeps jerking and shaking. Even when he is awake he has moments where he seems back to his self. But then he goes back to being groggy, in pain or just plain out of it.
I am going to call Monday morning and update the doctors and see where we go from here. I honestly have no idea what to do or what is going on but I am going to do my best to bring all the specialists together and go from there.
Shawn is going to be Oklahoma this week so it could be an extra challenging week if I end up in Denver every day. So I am praying for peace, wisdom, and that my heart will be fully surrendered to the Lord. It is a battle to remain fixed upon the Lord, especially when I am getting tired and frustrated. Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement. It is through the love of friends like each of you that we are strengthened for what lies ahead.

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