Wednesday, June 13, 2007

We are home!!! We arrived in our driveway at 5 am this morning. Thankfully everyone slept until around 10 so we got some sleep. I should rephrase that... I got some sleep.. Shawn hasn't been able to sleep... he is now finally asleep.
Thank you all for your prayers for us while we were gone. Things went pretty well. There were no trips to the emergency room!!!! I think that may be a first! Our allergies went wacko though and everyone had a fit with the pollen... so we are home with green eyes, snotty noses, croupy coughs, and lots of fun memories.
The kids really enjoyed going camping at Lone Duck. Josh especially enjoyed having so much freedom. He could run and play the entire day with little direct supervision. Camping made the time go by fast and before we knew it was time to leave.
We spent our last night with Shawn's parents having ice cream and freezing at the park (this picture is from the park. Mya went down her first slide). It was sad to leave... Jason cried forever. He even said ,"Look mom, you can get a job here.... they are hiring bus drivers!" as we passed by a bus with a hiring sign on it. That is desperation!!!
Tomorrow we are back to the daily ins and outs. Jon has chemo in the morning. His doctor is out of town so we will wait until next week to discuss the possibility of needing to do the scan earlier than we have scheduled. Right now it is still a month away... but he is tilting his head, his pain is worse, his speech is slurring more, and he is becoming more manic. He had a pretty rough week while we were gone.. throwing up and headaches.
Please pray that God will intervene... I can handle all of the other things... I just am having a hard time handling the manic behavior. Please pray for patience and godly love on my part. Well I am going to try and sleep now before the baby wakes up again. Good night my friends!


Gretchen said...

We miss you already! And the girls have been drawing pictures to send to you all. We love you guys so much!! Thanks for letting us spend so much time with you, I wish it could have been ten times longer!

Tina said...

I have been SO touched by your blog. I wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your precious children.

Heidi said...

We're praying!!!!