Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Update on me...

The drs office called this morning ( an answer to our prayers for a fast appt.) and worked me in at 11am. The doctor I saw was incredible... she was gentle, soft spoken, incredibly patient minded. The kind of doctor that rarely exists anymore.

We looked at my scans together and she said I have a good looking brain... the spots are very small and are called "non specific" which means they are there and are from something but are not necessarily characteristic of any specific thing. She said they did not look like typical MS lesions. Thank you God for that one... more than likely it is migraines or could even be caused by the Celiac. At the end of my appt she reassured me that she was almost positive that I do not have MS. She is suspicious that I have some periphial ( Not sure of the spelling of that) nerve issues with my arms and hands. I am going to have nerve studies done in August.

So for now we know I am ok...I don't have an answer for why I feel so dizzy but at least the worst case scenarios have been ruled out. Maybe I just need a few more hours of sleep!!!
Thank you for your prayers!!!!

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Tina said...

So happy to hear this.