Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today I got the results from my medical tests. They are not horrible and not great. My heart is in good shape... a slightly leaky valve but nothing to worry about. My neck shows some degeneration but nothing of great concern. My brain however is concerning. I have several lesions in my brain that are consistent with either vascular migraines or MS. Either one could cause many of my symptoms. The latter is most likely the cause... and explains so many of the symptoms I have had that I have not shared with anyone.

My doctor, who is also one of my good friends, has made me an appointment with a specialist who specializes in MS. She is one of the best in the country. My appt is not until Sept though. I am on the cancelization list though so please pray that an appointment opens up soon. I would like to figure out which one it is and get started on the right meds. I want to feel better.

Also, please pray for Jonathan and for wisdom. We are waiting for a spot to open up for an earlier MRI (his next scan is scheduled for July 16th). He is showing a lot of signs of tumor progression despite treatment. I have gone back and forth over whether we can wait until July to do the scan. I asked my doctor this morning her opinion and she agreed that there were a lot of changes for the worse...his head was tilted to the right the entire visit, he is so sleepy but doesn't know he is sleepy, and he keeps staring off. Yesterday he fell out of a chair at the dentist office because he was dozing off. I don't want to do the scan too early and not have an accurate result. I don't want to wait and lose any time that we need for treatment. Please pray. Thank you all for your love, prayers, and friendship.

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