Thursday, April 09, 2009

What an unexpected chain of events today has held! The moment the oncologist walked in the door and motioned for me to come out with him in the hallway, I knew what he was going to say. I think we all are slightly in shock. After all, we had a completely stable scan just 3 weeks ago. This tumor is not supposed to grow fast...but it is.

So in just a matter of moments, our whole world has changed once again.

Once Jon is stable they will be moving him out of ICU to the oncology floor. His oncologist will take over his care. Once he feels he is stable enough, we will begin his chemotherapy. Even if he is not stable, we will begin no later than Monday. The hope is that his white counts will remain stable enough to be able to still have his sinus surgery on the 20th. We have to be able to treat both things or we will keep crashing.

For now we are going to do an oral chemotherapy. It will be 4 days of intense therapy that I can give him at home. Then we will be off until day 28 then start the 4 days again. This will repeat for 8 cycles. If the tumor responds we will continue with this treatment. If it doesn't we are looking at possibly doing a biopsy and radiation. At this moment I am not open for any type of brain surgery. Radiation is a possible treatment but we want to wait and try all other options first so we can protect his brain.

I will keep updating this blog and facebook as often as I can. Thank you all for you love, prayers and support. You are all so appreciated.

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