Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I finally gave in. After watching Jonathan over the past few days, I called the doctor to ask what the protocol was for hypothermia. Jon has had an average temp of 90 to 91 degrees for the past three days. His speech has been slurred. He is confused and disoriented. He generally is not feeling well. He has a nasty sinus infection and junk in his lungs. This morning when he woke up his arms and hands were a purple/gray color and ice cold.

So today on my way to Woodland Park to visit a friend, I thought I would just call the dr and ask. They tried to return my call twice but couldn't get through due to bad reception in the mountains. So my husband got this phone call telling him I needed to take Jon to the ER. I tried really hard not to take him. I called 2 other drs. I tried to reason with them. But it didn't work.

So here we are. I must say that I am glad we came. Its not that I didn't trust the drs. Or that I didn't really believe he needed to come. Honestly, I was afraid. My mind did a flash back to the only other time I have ever been to the emergency room at this hospital. It was one of the days that we realized that something was terribly wrong with him just days before we got the brain tumor diagnosis. It was a paralyzing memory. Walking into what felt like an inner city, run down ER lobby where everything was covered with bullet proof glass and security. The wait was going to be hours long. And true to his form, Jonathan was miraculously better the minute we walked in. It didn't take long before we walked out- Left without Being Seen stamped across our paper work. I was definitely not going to be seen. We were going home to Tennessee- whatever was wrong he would be ok until we got there.

The last thing I wanted to do was relive that experience alone. Thank God I swallowed my fear and allowed Him to be my courage. I have been pleasantly surprised. This hospital recently joined with the Children's Hospital in Denver. So they now have a pediatric ER. We were seen immediately. Every one of the doctors and nurses were incredible. It is good to know that there is a good place minutes from our house to go should things like this arise. The doctor took Jonathan's situation very seriously and has admitted him to ICU. Its nice to know I am not crazy. Its nice to know that they are in charge now!

So I am not sure what they area actually calling this episode. In mommy language, Jonathan got very sick while we were in Tennessee. He is not recovering very well. His brain is kind of crashing on us. Right now they are trying to treat the sinus infection and chest infection with IV antibiotics. They are giving him IV hydrocortisone to help his body recover. We are dumping fluid into him...he is quite dehydrated. He has a warming blanket under him to keep his temp above 95. He has oxygen going since he keeps forgetting to breathe when he sleeps. His eyes keep twitching and shaking...that kind of bothers me...especially since his body is warm now. I am not sure what is going on. He is still quite confused. And he is not really acting like Jonathan.

But it will be ok. We have a big God. We have great, aggressive doctors taking care of him. We have an incredible team of doctors who never cease to amaze me. We have a wonderful family who make all of this easier. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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