Saturday, April 11, 2009

We just finished the midnight chemo dose. This one was really tough. He had a hard time after the first one. But the second one was awful. Shortly after he swallowed the pill, he began to freak out. Clawing his skin, crying and screaming that his ears hurt, his jaw hurts, his ankle hurts. It was awful to watch one minute he was ok the next it was like he was trying to crawl out of his skin.

The doctor came and we gave him ativan. Not sure if its a reaction or what. But in the morning we are going to crush the pill and see if it helps to take it in his g tube.

I am so glad that they listened and agreed to start the chemo here where they can see if there will be any bad reactions. Already there has been more than there was supposed to be to this pill. I would be so incredibly scared to have that happen at home.

Tonight during this episode was the first time that I have actually cried since the news. Its too much to watch and know you have to do it to keep your child alive. Please pray for me and Shawn to hear God's voice in all of this.

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