Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So today was a big flop. I am not ready to quit. Just quitting for today. I am so tired that I am just not able to get it all together. Josh is resisting school in so many ways. He is out of control with his attitude and behavior. I miss the days of sweet compliant Josh. Right now I just feel like ringing his neck most of the time. There are days, actually many many minutes throughout the day that I am tempted to just send him to school. But I really in my heart do not believe that is what is best for him right now.

Everything just fell apart today. So I am just thanking God for homeschooling and I am going to excercise my right to flexibility and we will start over again tomorrow.
Maybe tomorrow I will have more energy. I am so tired that it is affecting everything. Please pray for me to get on a regular routine so I can better care for my children. I forgot to take my meds for the past 3 days which is contributing to today's crash I am sure....I hate it!!!!!

So maybe tomorrow there will be better news to report!


Pam said...

Oh Kelly~

I have so been there with the whole homeschooling "fall apart" kind of day.

You made the right choice to just start over tomorrow. I will be praying for your requests, especially for rest for you. That was more than half the battle for me many days.

So I will certainly be praying for adequate rest for you and that you'll remember those important meds for you. I am sure it's way easier to remember what everyone else needs and leave yourself out of the equation.

You CAN do this, Kelly. GRACE, grace, God's grace. May His grace cover you and keep you on His path.

Love you, friend. Love your new template, too. It is gorgeous! Did you do that yourself?

Tina said...

Ditto everything Pam said. Sending you many hugs and prayers....

I LOVE your new look too!! It's wonderful.