Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rain has been pouring since yesterday morning. It is so soothing to me. Admittedly, it made our all day shopping trip yesterday a little bit of a challenge. But today we are rained in! And I love it. The sound of the rain throughout the night was so peaceful and such a sweet sound to wake up to this morning. I feel bad for my inlaws who are camping in thsi weather but I love it. There is just something about the rain that makes me feel as though all is well in my little world. Its weird I know... but sometimes there are these little things that seems to remind me of my Savior's love. This was one of those days. I woke up, heard the pouring rain, felt the cool air (it is 50 degrees here) and I felt romantacized by my Lord. Do you ever have those days? It feels so nice to be pursued and such an incredible gift to be pursued by the Almighty God. In other news, everyone is getting very excited about school starting. We have kind of played around with some of our subjects and have really enjoyed them so far. Yesterday, Joshua had some curriculum show up. It was like christmas. We recieved four boxes...mostly reading books and some language stuff. Also an art supplement kit with 9 bottles of tempera paint, modeling clay, paint brushes, and pastels. Since this is only a fraction of what is too come, I expect there to be an overwhelming amount of school materials showing up here soon. We are also getting another loaner computer too...this way each kid will have access to their own computer during school. I think this is going to be good. I really do. Just pray for me to be consistent, committed, and realistic. True to Kelly style, I am going to add a little bit of chaos to this mix. A new coworker of Shawn's has just moved here from Florida. They have 3 precious children. We enjoyed having them over the other night and spending time getting to know them. We are always so excited to have new friends! They have a sweet 2 year old boy with curly hair just like Mya's. Well, they need childcare for him and I need a job so it sounds like the perfect combination. I have been praying for someway to help our financial situation without compromising the needs of my family and this seems to be the answer. So call me crazy...Jonathan is hanging in there...everyday there is something new that either amazes me or scares me. He is completely weaned off of the Abilify and is about halfway off the Zyprexa. I have not seen any drastic improvement of the TIC but we will see. I have seen a little more agitation and inability to cope. Yesterday in the store he about came unglued. Thankfully, Shawn was able to bring him back around. I don't know what I would do if he starts to become unstable. He had me worried this past week. Twice he has made statements where he believes he is Tennessee still. With some cues he realized he was wrong. Then he slept all day with a massive headache. And his speech was slightly slurred. Right now he seems to be I will jsut keep praying and holding my breath until October when we scan again. well, thats it for today. I have to get busy cleaning and finish organizing for school. Check back soon for pictures!!!


Tina said...

praying for Jon Kelly and your start of school.

Anonymous said...

Did you get my email a week or so ago?
Love you!