Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I really did intend to share more the other night but I realized if I kept blogging I would never finish the pile of pics I was scanning. As it was I stayed up until 4am to finish the photobook I made for Shawn. My gracious husband got the children ready for church so I could finish my "project" before we left. After church we had to go to Shawn's grandpa's 80th birthday party in Castle Rock. So I made a quick dash to Sams to upload the pages before we left. I was so happy when we left Castle Rock in time to rush back to sams (an hour away) before they closed at Sams...we made record time and I ran in at 5 minutes till 6!!!! So I want to share my project....its not the highest quality but it was the thought that mattered...especially this year. I used http://www.shabbyprincess.com/ and design freebies at http://www.scrapbookflair/ to create and decorate my scrapbook pages. The words are from a song my mother in law had writted originally for my brother in law and his friend. This was the "theme" of our relationship early on and a special song for us. Shawn's mom sang it in our wedding. This pics are of the many different adventures and experiences we have shared through the years. I hope that you enjoy them (also- I hope the pregnant picture is not offensive to anyone...if it is please let me know and I will remove it.


santhosh narayanan said...

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Pam said...


These photos are gorgeous. I have loved all I've ever seen done with shabbyprincess.com. I need to try that myself sometime soon.

Don't remove the pregnant photo. I think it is beautiful.

Thanks for letting us peek into the treasure you gave Shawn. I can't even imagine what he must have thought when you presented it to him.

Praying for you all today and your soon-to-begin homeschooling adventure. May the Lord bless you each step of this new part of your journey.

Gretchen said...

It turned out great! You are so good :) Hope you have a nice brunch today!

Gretchen said...

Oh, and WAAAAHHHH, my waist was so TINY!

Tina said...

Oh Kelly, all of them were so wonderful to look at. The pregnancy one is so beautiful too. It is actually one of my favorite ones. Thanks for sharing them.