Sunday, August 10, 2008

So here it is 1 am in the morning. I am diligently working on a secret project for my husband. Our anniversary is tomorrow...well actually it is today. So I am making a photo book with pics of our life together. As I am going through all of our old letters and journals I have been coming across poetry I have written at various times. I thought I might share a few since I am stuck on the computer while my pics are scanning in. I hope that they will minister to your heart...

Written 9-20-99

Raging, trembling heart let go
Give away the fear
To the hands outstretched to you.
Allow the tears to fall his shoulder
As he gently reaches within
Touching your soul
Purifying with every stroke
Be full of courage
He will remain bound to you
Every step carrying you
Held fast to his heart
Be not afraid as each layer
Stripped before him
Reveals truth not known to even you
For he loves you
Rest, Heart, rest
Let his love redo, rebuild
Let it swallow you in its grasp
Let yourself drown in his love.
In the end you will shine
Reflecting his tender, joyful eyes
Upon the smile of your soul.


Tina said...

Kelly, that was beautiful and yes, it did minister to me.

Pam said...


Touched my heart, too. Thanks for sharing words from your heart.

Happy Anniversary!!

Heidi said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks for sharing the poem. It was wonderful. I've been reading the last few posts and am so blessed to see how God is working in your life. I love you my dear cousin and am continuing to pray for you all.