Monday, December 17, 2007

Just a quick update...I didn't have time to post over the weekend. Please keep praying for Jon. Pray specifically that he will be able to take his medication without any anxiety or gagging. On Thursday he had, we believe, a form of a seizure as we were leaving to go to clinc for his chemo visit. He couldn't stand up without falling over. His eyes were seeing double and he was dizzy. He said his eyeballs were going around in a circle. He slept all the way to the hospital. We did a CT scan which was stable so we think it was a seizure- possibly induced by inconsistent levels of his medication. We are waiting to get back the results of his blood work showing the level.

Pray also for all the illness in our house to go away... I can't keep Jonathan well when everyone else is sick. Josh is having a hard time right now- asthma, allergies, a cold, maybe pink eye on top of an upset stomach. I am counting down the days to school being out so maybe we can recover.

Off to clean the house...

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