Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Day Well Lived!!!

Yesterday was a perfect day to burn off energy outside. I was so happy to have all my housework done and nothing else that had to occupy my time. We all went out and played. Jon played baseball. Mya ran all over the yard- she is loving being a big girl. The other boys were "survivoring" with their new survivor handbook. They were pulling up rocks looking for bugs to eat! Josh said he would eat anything if he had to in order to survive! Brittney became the new photographer... we switched places and she took pictures while Mommy played. The pictures of me with Mya she took...not bad, huh? I am still "high" from my wonderful day yesterday... how refreshing to have a day well lived, filled with peace and strength from God and not one single tear!!!! Today is Brittney's actual birthday so once Jon and Mya wake up we are off to the store (which could be scary in the truck that I have never driven) to get roses for her from Daddy (who is in Ohio). Then we will head to the school for lunch with the birthday girl.

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Tina said...

Oh Kelly, what beautiful pictures! And how nice to see you! Beautiful.

I am so thankful for those kind of days too because they are such a gift.