Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So Far So Good!

We sailed through the second treatment and so far no bad side effects. I am praising God for that tonight. I can tell though that Jon is not feeling too great because he is not able to go to sleep easily. Several times today he has cried over little insignificant things. Please pray that this doesn't run into full blown manic/ psychotic behavior. Every time Jon gets sick he gets all out of wack and the whole house is turned upside down.
This picture was taken yesterday in our yard. See, he still looks good!!!!

We have begun the official countdown until our trip to Colorado. Only three more weeks!!!! The kids are so excited. We are flying so it should be a much easier trip then it would have been to drive. Everyone, except for Jason, is excited about the flight. Jason prefers to stay firmly on the ground. In fact he would prefer to never step foot out of his house. But that is another story.

Josh has spent hours on the computer looking at the website of the campground where we are going to stay. He is making big plans- but he is sad to know that he can't take his bike on the plane. He says his bike will be sad with out him and he will miss him.
It is so quiet in my house tonight... I almost hate to go to bed. It is so nice when the stillness takes over and I have time to just think. It is so wonderful.... Have a great night everyone!

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