Monday, May 07, 2007

One Down...51 more to go!!!!

Jonathan's first chemo treatment has come and gone! We made it through the first day. You all would have been so proud of him. The morning started out with a Lupron shot. This shot is given monthly to stop puberty from coming upon us too soon. He smoothly sailed through that one... not one tear. This shot is pretty painful but the interaction with the nurses numbs the pain and uplifts Jon's spirit. Once he was in clinic he barely flinched when they accessed his port. He has grown up a lot since we were last here.

Josh and Jon were given several little gifts from the clown wagon as we entered the hospital. These things make going to the hospital so much more fun ( but it makes mom's job a little harder when we go to other places that don't so willingly offer presents in vast amounts!!!!)

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for this first visit. My fears and guarded heart was melted by the greeting we received. It was like coming home... God knew I needed this. My struggle with going here or Atlanta dissolved... it was nice to be in a place where everyone called me by my first name, greeted my children with hugs and sweet memories, and looked at me with the sympathetic, caring look that comes when words can't express the feelings that accompany a relapse. The sweetest gift of the morning was our favorite nurse who cared for Jonathan in ICU when he was first diagnosed is now working in the clinic. She took care of us today and it was such a blessing to be with someone who loves the Lord as much as I do. She is one of my "heroes" who I would like to be like one day when I am in the medical profession. So thank you friends for you prayers.

God has answered my prayers today...for peace in the midst of chaos, reassurance, strength, and wisdom. The doctor took extra precautions and pre-medicated Jon for nausea so he sailed through the day. He even went and played baseball tonight!!!!

I will update more as the week goes on. Thanks for your friendship and prayers.

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Peach said...

I know I'm just now responding, but I have been and will continue to pray, dear friend.

Sounds like God just prepared your way -- each step of it. I am so grateful for you and for Jon. May God continue to receive the glory!