Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Sad Attempt At A Moving Announcement...

Needless to say Brittney has had a rough day! Pray for us to have wisdom and compassion in helping them accept and adjust to moving. Poor Shawn! He cried right along with her. He feels like he is pulling their hearts right out!


Richard Morgan said...

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Tennessee Mama Duck said... can really see it in her face. Changes are so hard sometimes. I am praying for you now...

Pam said...

Made me cry here, too. She looks so, so sad.

Praying for you all as the transition is bumpy sometimes.

Tell Brittney we are praying today for God to be preparing the heart of a little girl in CO to be ready for her to arrive and be her friend. We know this is not too big for our God.

We love you and send hugs your way today.

Anonymous said...

my poor babies!por shawn!it will be ok!moving is hard but at least you have eachother!we're praying for u!i love you guys!