Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home Sweet Home....Maybe, Maybe Not

Can you believe that it has taken 3 days to get home? We are not home yet!!!! Friday we went to the airport and found out that the crew had timed out and they could not find a new crew. The next available flight would have separated us and we still would have had to spend the night in Ohio because there were not have been any collecting flights. So we chose to stay in Colorado Springs and had a wonderful night with our friends and cousins swimming. Delta provided us with 2 rooms at the doubletree and meal vouchers. So today we flew to Atlanta. Our flight was overbooked by 21 people. Technically we didn't have seats so when they offered $400 flight vouchers plus hotel and food vouchers we took it. Of course we planned on renting a car and driving home- but there are no one way rentals available. So here we are on Easter eve in the middle of no where! I was going to go to a store and get Easter stuff but there is nothing around. so we will see what happens...thank God for good traveling children and that Jon has done half way good this time. We are supposed to leave Atlanta at 8 pm tomorrow...we will miss Easter service and dinner at my parents...I guess we will have Easter at the airport courtesy of Delta!!!! I am sure this one will be an event my children will not quickly forget.


Tennessee Mama Duck said...

Way to make the most of your circumstances!! You go, Mom!!

Gretchen said...

Hurry up and get home so you can come back! I miss you already! We stopped by the Carl's Jr on the way home from the pool and Mel was asleep before we made it through the drive through, lol. I hope your Easter is going well today, even though its a little crazy! See you soon! And talk to you even sooner :)