Thursday, March 06, 2008

The Night Sky Calls Out His Majesty....
Ok so this has been an absolutely crazy week. I need to go to bed but my night time coffee habit has taken on a whole new touch....dark chocolate coconut decaf coffee! Yummy!!! Coffee is more important than sleep for me some times! Those of you who personally know me will laugh when you read this... we are going to look at a house on Coffee Drive! That sounds like a perfect house for me. Oh yeah...there is another house that I just have to has an actual "hot tub room"! Can you believe it? It makes me laugh because that is so a fantasy of mine!!!! (Oops...don't let that secret out!)
Anyway, my plan to not have to show my house backfired on me. I guess until the inspections are done we have to keep showing it so we can have a back up plan. Well, Tuesday night we had 4 showings. Then on Wednesday we had one...this one surprised me by showing up 2 hours early. Not only were we all still here, I was teaching my sister how to sew for her home ec class. The house was not clean and the kids were fighting horribly. These people really want the house and they actual made the back up offer this afternoon. So I am excited that there is so much action but it is slightly stressful.
Jon had 3 appts this morning. The first was with the surgeon. They replaced his temporary g-tube this morning with a mickey button. I don't have the time or energy to share the details but I was quite unhappy with them. Thank God for the nurses in clinic who have become great advocates. Then we had our last psych. appt until we get to Colorado. Then we went to clinic for chemo. We had a great time with Jon's friend Sydney and her mom. Jon's white count is elevated... his sinuses are going crazy.
All the kids were home sick today. Mya has some kind of respitory infection. Josh is coughing and wheezing. Britt has a sore throat. And Jason...well he is Jason.
So all of this is just rambling...what I want to say is that tonight in the midst of the chaos I went outside to get something. I looked up and the stars shone so brightly. In that moment I was reminded that the God who holds all that in place loves me. He knows my name. He knows what is best for me and he will work it out. It was just peaceful to know at that moment I was in the presence of God.


Pam said...

Beautiful post, Kelly.

The coffee sounds delish, and how cool that you'll maybe find an address on Coffee Drive! God is fun that way sometimes.

Praying for you right now to have strength for the tasks of the day, especially with sick children. May they all find rest today and improvement on their symptoms.

So sorry things didn't go well with Jon. Are you set with doctors and hospital facilities in CO already, or will that be part of your trip when you look for houses?

Know you are on my heart and in my prayers through out this day, dear friend.

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

This too shall pass...

Anonymous said...

we share a love of coffee!lol. i love you sis!kiss my babies!