Sunday, March 02, 2008

I Just Have To Tell You About The BIG God I Serve...

So let me tell you about the latest miracle the Lord has done for us. He has confirmed to us that he is in control, that he has plans for us, and that he cares about every little detail. Our house was listed and had a contract on it within 12 hours of listing! Actually, we had a buyer before it was listed and they had first dibs on the offer so it looks like it will be theirs!!! In this economically crazy world of today with home values dropping the situation looked slightly bleak for us...but we knew we are supposed to move to Colorado and we knew God would work it out. So the miracle- an offer and a full price offer to top it off!!!!!

So here are some of the little details that God cared about this week:

* I couldn't imagine having to keep my house in showing condition until we moved. Those of you who have kids know how hard it is to keep things constantly clean. And those of you who know my kids...well you now how it is! So God heard my cry on this one!

* Our moving date has been pushed ahead another week. It looks like we will be leaving around April 7th. This could be a huge thing for Brittney because she is a stage director for a play at school and the play is more than likely in April. I don't have the heart to make her miss that.

We will be going to Colorado to house hunt on the March 16th and will return on the 21st. This way we will be able to have Easter with my family before we move. We are taking all the kids with us. This is their Spring Break so it worked out great. They need to be a part of the house buying process.

So please continue to pray with us for all the details to work out and the rest of the process to be smooth. Thanks friends!


Tennessee Mama Duck said...

This is so awesome! I know what a blessing this is for you!! Our God is GREAT!

Pam said...

That is fabulous, Kelly! I praise Him right along with you. He is GREAT!!

Praying for you with all the details yet to settle and the physical strength you'll need just to get everyone where they need to be.

Love you!

Tina said...

Kelly how WONDERFUL!! I cannot even tell you how happy I am for you all. I know that must relieve a great deal of stress!

Anonymous said...

im so happy for you!what a blessing!i hope you guys are doing well!i miss you!isnt God amazing!he always gives us what we can deal with!love you