Thursday, August 09, 2007

School has begun!!!! I must say I am happily looking forward to a few hours of semi- peace each day! Jason actually decided to go to school..his teacher is Brittney's teacher from last year. We are praising God for working that out. Ms Smythe is wonderful and up to the challenge! I am praying that we will not have the anxiety this year and he will be fine.

Jon should be set up on homebound soon and start his school year. I know he desperately wants to be at school with his friends but at the same time it makes him physically ill to be at school for any length of time. So I am going to try to get a real "homeschool" type schedule set up with him so he won't be so bored.

Jonathan had his chemo today. He is such a trooper. I wish that you all could see the way he lights up the clinic with his singing and compliments. He is forever telling the nurses how much he loves them and how beautiful they are. His counts are all really good- his sodium level was better today than it had been in a long while. Another example for why doctors should listen to mommies!

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