Friday, August 24, 2007

The joys of gluten free pizza!!!!!

Its funny how some things you can get used to not having. I have pretty much lost all craving for bread. Gluten free bread just leaves much to be desired. It is better to go without than to eat what is available.

But, recently, the Knox Celiac group has discovered a new flour mixture. It is called Domata Living Flour. After reading the experiences of my fellow celiacs I just had to try this flour out.

It has been described as the closest thing to the real thing. Desperate for his wife to start making meals again, my husband quickly ordered 25 pounds of flour!!!! Last night we made cheese pizza and a special gourmet chicken pesto with feta and artichoke pesto sauce. Oh it was so good to finally eat pizza again that actually tasted good.

Tonight's meal was the real test. My ultimate comfort food is chicken and dumplings. I have a cracker barrel recipe that is the best. This new flour is supposed to be able to be substituted for regular flour in any recipe... so that's what I did. We had the best chicken and dumplings!!!! Brittney ate 2 bowls!!! Even Mya ate a bowl full. And me...well I was in the closest thing to heaven this side of heaven.

So thank you thank you Domata Flour Company for your creation. Thank you God for "real" food and the motivation to cook and to eat again. And thank you to my family for letting me experiment on them.


Gretchen said...

Mmmm that looks delish!

Tina said...

I would LOVE that chicken and dumplings recipe!!

Pizza looks yummy! We had that for dinner last night too.

Peach said...

Yum, that sounds fabulous. I've been trying to avoid wheat, too, and would love an alternative to the rice I've been consuming daily instead.

Where did you find it? I'll have to look for it here.

Iris Lutkewich said...

Wow! I want to thank you for the wonderful review on our Domata Living Flour. Domata meaning "Gift of God". With your permission may we post this to our blog on the Domata website? Your blog has touched our hearts and we are humbled. Our prayers are with you and your family as you travel through this test of time. Jonathan will be in our prayers as will be you and your entire family. In Him, Iris Lutkewich, President, Domata Living Flour.

Keri said...

Do you have a Gluten free bread recipe that makes good sandwiches?