Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jonathan meets Bibleman!!!!
As you can tell, this was a very special time for Jonathan and the other kids. Although Jason and Josh sort of ran the show- Jonathan enjoyed meeting his hero and talking to him. Bibleman gave Jonathan a cape and mask, a DVD, a biblezine, and a bibleman figure. He was so excited!!!
The show was incredible. At the end of the show during the invitation to ask Jesus into their hearts, Jason and Josh both went forward. This is a great step forward in our desire to lead our children to Christ and to train them in the ways of God.
We were blessed by the generosity of Bibleman and the church members who hosted the show.Shawn and I felt such joy at being together with our spiritual family. It was a refreshing feeling... the kind of "spirit" you long for and look for in a church body. So much more warmth, love, and truth all wrapped up together. My children felt it too...they wanted to know if we could just move there.
Thank you to The Rock Family Worship Center for making this weekend so special to us!


Tennessee Mama said...

This is so great! I'm so glad you all had such a great time. And best of all, Jason and Josh! God is working through your family in so many ways!

Peach said...

Praise God for moving in the hearts of your sweeties. I am SO glad y'all got to go do this.

I hear the unspoken, too, and pray for church friends for you as well. I know this journey can be lonely at times, dear one. May He wrap His arms around you today and fill the void that people leave in your heart.

Love you, friend.

Heidi said...

That is awesome! Praise God. Tell Jon I said hi! Guess what?!?!?! We're coming down Saturday for a week!!!! Partly to celebrate Heidi's day and to hang out with family. :)So...hopefully, I'll see you soon.


Sarah Marie said...

I was browsing your blog for family pictures.. you haven't aged a bit.. and what a beautiful family you have.