Thursday, August 16, 2007

One Hundred and One Degrees!!!!

Knoxville hit a record today...and so have we...the first time without airconditioning in such a high temperature! This afternoon I noticed the thermostat rising...80 degrees seemed a little too hot for the air conditioning to be working right.

So here is the part where we laugh at the bad that has come... what is it? When life throws lemons make lemonade...well, we have lemonade for sale- 5 cents a cup!!!!

I am laughing tonight. Thanking God for a swimming pool. And thanking him that I cans it back and watch the God who is more than able to provide for my needs take care of this one!

Just pray that Jon's body temp stays low... we are going to go stay at my mom's tomorrow until it gets fixed.

Until the air returns....

1 comment:

peach said...

Bless your heart, dear friend. We've had that happen before, too. Praying for it to be a quick fix and for Jon, of course.