Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Does anyone know how to post a scream????? Because that's what every part of me wants to do right now. That and cry, laugh, bang my head against the wall, and scream. Sometimes my life goes from bad to worse to down right hillarious in the time you can count from o to 10!!!

If I told you everything that just happened in the past 30 minutes I am not sure that you would believe it. First let me set the stage: Jason woke up last night at 1 am. He wanted to make sure he got plenty of tv time in before school. The child never went back to sleep!!! At 3 Josh woke up compeletly soaked. Did I mention he was in my bed with me and Mya??? So we piled blankets on top and attempted to go back to sleep. Josh was more than ready to go to school and I thought the day was going to start at 3...especially since Mya was wide awake now. So you now have 2 very tired boys, and one very tired mom. And one little stinker of a baby who is now into everything and has decided she doesn't need sleep any more either. And of course, this is what always happens when my husband is out of town!

So shortly before bed, I discovered that my darling Jason had convinced Josh to find scissors and help him cut all the buckles off of the life jackets. Mind you, these were not the old, moldy life jackets...these were the newer ones that could be grown into by the next in line. But no...we just had to go and invent something new with THOSE buckels.

In the midst of the normal screaming and fighting that takes place every time all five of them are together in one room, Jason fell asleep on the couch. Mya finally fell asleep. Whew... I can breathe. Yeah, right. I started popping popcorn in the microwave but forgot about it while I was doing laundry. So I burnt their snack for tomorrow's school snack. Thank God there is more popcorn! I popped more while I got Brittney to bed. Jon was supposed to be taking his pills and Josh was supposed to be going to bed. The next thing I know Josh has plopped a huge handful of butter in the bowl where Jon's pills were. I guess he just assumed it was empty???? So Jon's pills ended up covered in butter. Pills ended up back in the butter container after Josh panicked and tried to fix what he had done.

Ok, so every night I dread doing pills with Jonathan. I don't know what happened. He used to do so well but in the past several months he has had such a hard time with taking them. I don't blame him- we are up to 13 pills every night! But I hate that time with him. So we are sitting there and every night he has this ritual where as soon as he sits down he has to go to the bathroom. Every three or four pills he has to get back up and go to the bathroom. It drives me crazy! Tonight, we were attempting to swallow butter covered pills and we got all the way to the very last 3 pills. I was pushing him to finish before getting up to go to the bathroom again when he gagged and proceeded to throw up every one of the pills. UGGGG!!!!!

I won't go into all the other nasty details of the past hour... I will keep it to myself... but I leave you with the laugh... after he threw up I told Jon to go into the bathroom since he had to go again. A few seconds later, he calls me from the bathroom.... ok mom so I am in the bathroom. Ok Jon what are you doing? I am waiting for you. He had no idea why he was in there at all....never mind that he had jsut thrown up all his pills during an effort to quickly finish and make it to the potty in time!!!! The things that just make me shake my head, grab my pillow and go to bed.


Tina said...

I don't know how to post a scream, but I can show you how to give a hug!! Here is one from me and hoping things are better and you feel the presence of Jesus.

Tennessee Mama said...

Oh, the joys of motherhood!!