Monday, April 30, 2007

Surgery On Tuesday Afternoon!
Jonathan is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow at 11am. This surgery is to place the port that he will need for his chemotherapy drugs. Please pray for everything to go smoothly, for his body to be warm, and for him to wake up ready to go home.

Shawn is in Ohio for work. This will be the first surgery he has not been able to be here for. We had no idea they were going to move so quickly in scheduling it or he would have stayed home. It will be ok... I know it will. God has been blessing us so greatly and making himself known so deeply to me in the past couple of days. I know everything will go according to GOD's plan tomorrow.
I will post after we get home from the hospital.
PS. The picture is from tonight, Monday. Jon has joined a baseball team with one of his best buddies, Wesley. It is a special team that is only for kids with their special challenges. It is very special... I really was impressed with how the coaches and volunteers make it so fun for the kids. I imagine what I saw tonight was the true spririt of little league... just pure plain fun and encouragement. There are more pics on the flickr site. He did great... only got overheated and threw up all the way home. I am sure it was worth the memory of getting to play his favorite sport.

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