Friday, April 27, 2007

I thought I would share a few of the blessings that we recieved yesterday. Jonathan's teacher and secretaries at the school (and some of his most favorite people) sent him this adorable cookie bouquet. It was so sweet for them to be so thoughtful. And it meant so much to all of us.
I am trying to formulate the words in my mind to be able to share with you all about this situation. I want to share with you the spiritual side and "real" side of our lives. It takes time to be able to do that so bear with me... and time is something I seem to be running out of.
I don't really have any news as of yet. The dr in Atlanta did call and talk to the dr here in Knoxville. We have an appt. Monday morning at 9am with the surgeons to disucss the plan for port placement. The message I got was that we may be able to start chemo next week.
I didn't realize that it was so urgent to start so quickly. My goal was to start after our trip to Colorado the first part of June. I will be touching base with everyone Monday so Shawn and I can figure out what to do. I don't feel an urgency as I pray but I am not sure we have all the facts either. The oncologist here has not called me yet to discuss the plans so that leaves things a little open ended. I think I am still going to ask them to wait for chemo until we get back. Our lives will drastically change and I think we need a vacation first!
If the plan goes as fast as they are saying then Jon will probably have surgery this week. They are considering keeping him overnight due to his health issues. Shawn is going to be in Ohio for work Monday through Wednesday so that may complicate things.
I will keep you all posted as we learn more. Thank you for your prayers. We are all really doing well overall.

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Anonymous said...

Certainly you dont know me neither am i. I just found yr blog and i can feel how difficult should be to face such kind of things in life. I live in south america and i am jewish but i would pray to my god for yr little jonathan. He is full of life... Sometimes when is difficult for me to understand why things are so difficult to pass in life i see this small video which perhaps can help you.

My name is Carolina and my email is and hope both of you will be ok even before you can imagine.