Monday, April 16, 2007

Please pray for Jonathan today! Jon is having sinus surgery today around 2:30-3:oo pm. He is supposed to be at the hospital at 1pm.

I am praying that this surgery will bring much needed relief to this little guy. He has been so miserable and in a lot of pain.

Please pray for relief, quick recovery, that the surgery will be sucessful and safe- there are alot of critical areas right next to the sinuses. Pray especially for his temperature to be stable through the whole procedure and afterwards.

Thank you for your prayers. I will post again after we get home.


Peach said...

Praying, praying, praying, dear friend. Keep us posted. May you find peace in the midst of this, another storm, and may Jonathan find the relief necessary from this surgery. We will hold y'all up throughout the day.

Love to you and everyone.

Lovestoworship said...
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Lovestoworship said...

We're praying! Let us know how it goes. Continue to look to God for He is the ultimate comforter.