Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jonathan's tumor has grown!
We just got home from our scan/appt in Atlanta. After 4 years of stablescans Jonathan's tumor has begun to show some signs of growing again.This is the second "regrowth" since diagnosis. There is not a lot of change but it is in that critical area of the hypothalmus and going up into the ventricles again. He has been having alot of trouble with temperature regulation, memory, right side weakness, very shaky andwobbly, and slurring his speech. Since he is progressively getting worse it is time to begin treatment again.

We are waiting for all the docs to be in touch with each other and get a plan together. We will more than likely be putting a new port in and be beginning chemotherapy again.

I will post again soon. In the meantime, please pray for us and the drs to have wisdom and to make the best choices.


Lovestoworship said...

I'm praying! I'll post these on my xanga and my blogspot so my friends can pray.

Peach said...

Praying for all of you, dear Kelly. Give Jonathan a hug from us.