Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Come Back!!!!
Where did it go???? Temperatures have dropped to freezing this past week. A complete shock to all of us who were enjoying the 80 degree temperatures of the week before. All the flowers that had colored the ground with beauty have shriveled up. The leaves on some of my trees have turned brown and droopy. Its looking a little gloomy around here.
Today as I think about this verse I am reminded that my mind is to be fixed on eternity. No matter how gloomy it is here on this earth I have heaven waiting for me. If only I could get that one thought to really plant itself firmly in my heart. So many other things just wouldn't matter anymore.
Heaven. A place of ultimate rest. That sounds good to me. What sounds even better is have an eternity of intimacy with my savior and my fellow brothers and sisters in Chirst. Won't it be great to actually feel the arms of Jesus wrap around you and hold you tight. Or to lay your head upon his chest and listen to his heart beat? I am very excited about the fact that in heaven we will have eternal fellowship with other believers without conflict, broken relationships, hurtful words, or having to say good bye.
Today my heart felt a little gloomy. My world has overwhelmed me again. The neverending cycle of cleaning my house and saying no a hundred times a minute has worn me out. The silence of the phone and lack of intimate fellowship has left me desiring more than can be found here on this earth. Today I have heard the voice of God saying " Set you mind on things above". I will praise Him this morning for the eternity that awaits. I will lift my eyes to my Savior and wait for him to lift up my heart.


Peach said...

Let the silence be broken just a little bit, dear friend! Praying for you today as I try to fix my gaze heavenward as well.

BTW, I have absolutely been loving your photos. I would love to know how you achieve some of those gorgeous shots -- especially the spot color with the baby in b/w. Breathtaking, I say!

Lovestoworship said...

I hope it's warm where you are! It's cold here!!! I can't wait for the warm weather. You're in my prayers. Check out my blog. I finally posted and I think you would like it. :)