Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sorry if you are squeamish....thought I would give a visual picture of Jon's newest accessory. This is our new best friend!!!! In about 4 weeks the long tube will be replaced with a small button. That is when it will be less of a problem and more of a blessing.

This week has been very crazy. Jon woke up Monday morning at 5 and proceeded to throw up 8 times in 3 hours. I took him to oncology clinic where they gave him two courses of IV zofran through his port and two bags of fluid. He is feeling much better. I think he may have gotten overheated in his sleep and it set off a chain reaction. I have been putting him to sleep with a heating blanket because he has been waking up hypothermic very often. But the blanket may have been a little too hot. Whatever the cause though he is doing great now. We go today to see the ENT about his nose which continues to give us a horrible time. Then we go to the endocrinologist for our last visit before we move.

Its hard to believe that we are actually doing "last" appointments with people who have been weekly/monthly parts of our lives for the past 6 years. I can't believe moving is becoming a reality. I guess that is why we are all in denial and can not muster up the energy to finish the cleaning, packing, and painting that needs to be done. Of course we will be in panic mode when the call finally comes and we have to rush to finish! Friday will be the 21 days from the appraisal so we should here all the details by Friday! We really need to hear something.

THe waiting is getting so hard. It is hard for the kids too. Please pray for Brittney. She cried for an hour last night about moving. She is having a hard time with leaving and staying. We are kind of stuck in limbo waiting and not knowing what is going to happen so it limits what you can do. Things will be much better once we have a plan.

Mya is being crabby so I better run.


Anonymous said...

i think the tube is very cool please tell jon!poor brit i know its rough to move at that age! i remeber!i hope u have a better week sis!love ya kiss my babies!

Lovestoworship said...

Hey! Tell the kids I love them!!! I'll miss you all!!!!
Your Cuz,