Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lost: Septic System Reward if Found. Please call with information!

So here is the latest in the Stockwell drama...

The first appraiser used 9 month old comps and delivered an inaccurate appraisal delaying the process on our house selling one more week.
We had a rush appraisal done on Thursday last week.

Yesterday was an inspection ordered by my husband's employer for the buyout figure. We think that went well.

Last night a friend of my neighbor's called me and said her son was in the process of buying a house and would really like to see our house. So I showed it to them last night and they were interested. I had to smile as I could see God's encouragment and care in that detail... he knows my anxiety over not being able to keep things in top showing condition all the time. And it helped to show us that there is a market for our house. So no matter the outcome I was really blessed and encouraged by the events of last night.

Even more so today I appreciate God's sense of timing. This morning a septic service came out to locate and pump our septic. They were unable to find it. This is my husbands worse fear...that we would for some weird reason not have a septic. When we bought the house our closing was delayed because the lender required a septic letter to show there was a septic. We have never had any problems so we kind of put it out of our mind. So now the expense is going up and may even include a whole new septic. Please pray that this is not the case...pray that we will just be lead to the right place and it will all work out.

My poor husband needs to be encouraged. I know it will work out according to God's plan. It will be ok.

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