Thursday, February 07, 2008

She lights up my day!!!
I just have to share how God reminded me today that he will draw our children to him and will be faithful to accomplish his will inspite of our shortcomings. Brittney wrote the following essay today for a TAG project/writing contest. Maybe it will inspire us to gain a little character as well!
Character Essay
By Brittney

“Character is doing the right thing even when it costs more then you want to pay.” This quote by Michael Josephson means a lot to me. This really means to do the right thing when other people are being bad.
Jesus is my example of character. He always does every thing right when every one is doing bad. Jesus is always a good example. Like the time Jesus paid the price for our sins. This is how I look at it. Jesus risked his life by dying on the cross for us and he saved our lives because he did the right thing. Since Jesus did this I want to be more like him no matter what it costs me. For example at school if I had a friend and she did the wrong thing and I didn’t want to do that thing she might get mad and not want to be my friend any more. But did I do the right thing? Yes I did and did I lose something? Yes, I lost my friend.
If everyone would choose to do the right thing even if its hard, the world would be a better place to live. It takes courage to have character. This is one value I want in my life. Maybe my example will make someone else want to have character too!


Anonymous said...

how fast is she growing up!if only we could all remeber that everyday.from the mouths of babes!

Pam said...

Wow! What incredible insight for one so young. Great job, Brittney!

I am proud of you, dear Kelly, for instilling in her the truth in order that she may so clearly understand it and communicate it to others.

Praise the Lord for this precious life and what He has planned for her future.

Tennessee Mama Duck said...

You go, Brittney! Well said!!

Tina said...

That essay was so precious Kelly! It is so wonderful to see things take root in our children's hearts!